Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cebu City Zoo and Conservation Center MUST BE CLOSED!

Notice: The article below has a lot of f*ck and shit words as the writer has poured out her emotion. Forgiveness and understanding is advised. 
The real gate of hell
Address: Barangay Calunasan, Cebu City
Admission Fee: Php25 per person
I have nothing good to say about this place. I am writing about this thing in order to encourage more people to visit the place and see for themselves the pitiful situation of animals in cages. As far as I am concerned, Cebu Zoo is more of an animal hell than a conservation center. To call this  7-hectare piece of land a sanctuary is a shit of lie. When we went there, one of the zoo personnel told us that the tiger just died because of old age.  But I doubt that, I haven’t seen the tiger but I have seen the other animals and I know they are suffering... the pain is reflected through their eyes. If you think Manila Zoo is not a good place for animals, Cebu Zoo is worst!
When we went there on May 16, 2013, I know for an instant that there’s something wrong. I brought out my bubbly self just so I can fish for information. Maybe I really am a good actor or maybe the zoo personnel is such a lonely soul that for some reason he started sharing horrible tales about their caged pets. He shared a lot of stories, some of which are so difficult to accept. I compiled below from my memories some of the awful narrations that he happily shared:
  • When I asked him why the bird’s wing is broken, he was proud to say “we shot him”! With conviction; as if to let me know that they are a bunch of stupid sharp shooters. The bird was taken from the wild. They shot its wings so it can’t fly, that way they can have additional display in their jail. Two other birds was also taken out straight from their nest to their cage. They were caught when they were young and he claimed that they were “nurtured” in their zoo. The fuck with that!
  • He also said that a week before our visit they got Php52,000 just in a day from educational tours. Four ceres bus full of students had visited the place. That’s a hefty amount of money! Why can’t they make the place a better one if they earn that much! Damn it!
  • When we entered the place, the zoo personnel informed us about their newly caught cobra ( a venomous species of snake) when we reached the cage, the coba was already dead, ants were already feasting on its rotting body. When I ask why, the zoo personnel said “Ngayon ko din lang nakitang patay na yan. Di kasi namin binisita ng ilang araw” (It’s just now that I saw that snake dead. We didn’t visit it for several days). Bullshit!
  • We transferred to another cage and saw a cute little monkey. Out of curiosity I asked where its mother could be to which the zoo personnel answered, “namatay po siguro dahil sa uhaw, nakalimutan kasi namin bigyan ng tubig” (It died of thirst because we forgot to give it some water).
The bird with a broken wing
I forgot the others things he shared, but all I know  is that CEBU ZOO MUST AND SHOULD BE CLOSED! To all concerned citizens and active netizens, to those people who read this post, to the DENR, to PAWS, to BFAR, to all groups/organizations/agencies, let's do something to save the animals from this heinous zoo. I want you to visit the place. I want you to see for yourself how heartbreaking is the situation of the animals there. I want you, us to do something good for our mother earth and future generation.
Provided below are some screenshots of comments I got from 15 minutes of browsing google about Cebu Zoo.

***Finding the horrible Cebu Zoo - Cebu City Zoo is just a stone throw away from Boys Scouts of the Philippines headquarters and is located farther above Beverly Hills. If you go to Taoist Temple, you can ask habal habal drivers to bring you here for just Php25. The place is open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM including holidays.
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  1. I thought Manila Zoo was a bad place, this one in Cebu must be hell.

  2. I didn't know of a zoo in Cebu in the few years I've been visiting the place. But thank goodness for that, because I don't think I could take in the sight of suffering animals exploited by the zoo operators... :(
    I'll forward this to PAWS, maybe they can pull strings to help rescue its poor animal prisoners...

    1. Ohhh please! I have been trying/searching to contact possible organizations that can do something about this but to no avail. :(

  3. I've been to cebu zoo just last saturday and I agree I really pity those animals. I remembered my mother asked one of the care taker if they fed the monkeys more often because the monkey seemed to be very hungry when my mother offered him a biscuit. poor thing

  4. Is there a way to make this post easily shareable on Facebook so that when I post it online it shows up with the title, a preview/summary and thumbnail? Because when I post it on there this is all that appears: http://i.imgur.com/jsYnVU2.jpg

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Sorry, I really don't know what to do with the post for it to be shareable on facebook with the right title and preview. I will ask some of my friends and hopefully find a solution regarding this issue.

      Thanks Kate. Your effort to share the horrible situations of animals in Cebu Zoo to the public is greatly appreciated.


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