Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Travel Guide: Packing Checklist - Travel Essentials

From personal care essentials to slick sunnies, do not leave the comfort of your home without these basic essentials for travelling...

Must Have Items Wherever You Go

·         Clothing
·         Luggage or backpack
·         Water container
·         Toiletries
·         Personal meds, prescriptions, first aid kit, vaccination certificates, health documentation, etc.
·         Snacks

Aside from the things provided above there are other set of travel essentials that you must bring with you depending on your destination or activities.  Some of which are provided below:

When climbing mountains or beach camping

·         Fleece Jacket/Down jacket/Shell
·         Raingear (Rain jacket/ Poncho; or makeshift, like a garbage bag
·         Bonnet/Head gear/Scarf/malong
·         Plastic bags (for water proofing of your bags, clothes, cameras and other items)
·         Sleeping bag
·         Sun glasses
·         Sun block
·         Army knife
·         Swimsuit (for beach bumming) Trekking shoes, pants, and/or warmer (for mountaineering)
·         Large garbage bags
·         Flashlight/Headlamp (plus, extra batteries)
·         Mess kit (plate or container bowl, utensils)

Other Travel Accessories

·         Chargers for accessories (camera, phones, laptop, etc).
·         Voltage converters
·         Camera

Pre-Departure Essentials

·         Plane ticket(s)
·         Visa if needed
·         Passport or birth certificate
·         Travellers cheques and currency

Carry-On Items

·         Pen
·         Credit card numbers (leave with someone in your family)
·         Tissues
·         Maps
·         Language books

For Comfort

·         Inflatable pillow
·         Eye mask  - especially for night flight
·         Coupons for car rental, hotels, etc.
·         Ear plugs
·         Hair dryer

Boredom Fighter

·         Game gadgets
·         Playing cards
·         A good book you can read

Important practices:

·         Always leave a copy of your passport or birth certificate with someone in your family if you are leaving for other country.
·         Coupons for car rental, hotel, restaurant, and others can save you money.
·         If you have enough money to spare, it is best to take advantage of insurance (health, luggage, etc.) for better protection and peace of mind.
·         Make sure that you have emergency information such as your country’s embassy phone numbers so you would know how to get a hold of the right people when the need arise.
·         Bring your international driver’s license. Rent-a-car in some countries can save you a lot of money while making it possible for you to go to various places on your own time, on your own pace, and on your own preferences.
·         Read travel books, reviews, blogs, and other related articles to learn more about the country or place that you are visiting.

Prepare accordingly for your trip not only for better enjoyment but most importantly for your own sake...

Looking for travel essentials should not pose as a major problem. There are a lot of outdoor stores where you can buy them such as The North Face, Columbia, Paccube, Sandugo, Roxy, etc. You can go to the stores I mentioned and choose from the array of products that they offer. If you want to stay at the comfort of your abode and still get the things that you need for travelling, you can opt to purchase your needs online. I was once browsing the net looking for the things I can buy and use for my travel getaway and saw that ZALORA Philippines is offering various products which I can use for my different travel needs. The luggage, head gears, shades, and shoes that I bought from them made my travel getaways a lot more comfortable. 


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