Friday, August 9, 2013

Travel Filler: Bakwitan Cave in Islas de Gigantes

Minus the white paint and  ugly graffiti, this place is a gem!

If ever you find yourself in the beautiful place of Isla de Gigantes, find a way to explore one of its wonderful caves. According to the local fisherman I spoke with, a total number of caves that can be found in their place is 73! More than enough for someone who’s into spelunking. Unless you will be staying for several months, you won’t be able to visit all of them. If you you enjoy the feel of being “under the ground” I suggest you check out Bakwitan Cave.

"Bakwitan" means a place to evacuate in Ilonggo dialect. The cave is said to be the ‘refuge area’ to many locals during the war, and thus the name. Because of this reason why Bakwitan Cave has been of great archaeological importance. Many from the local community confirmed that there were several ancient coffins with mummified remains and burial jars in the area. Unfortunately, they were looted by treasure hunters. Trespassers also often to the place as reflected by various ugly vandals and graffitis that are found inside the cave - such a depressing sight.

Despite the unfortunate fate of mummified remains inside coffins and burial jars, despite the ugly vandals and other graffitis, Bakwitan Cave still offers an exciting experience. Some of its rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and columns are comparable to the ones in Palawan's Underground River.  It has a challenging trail that makes it a must-see area for adventurers.

Exit Trails of Bakwitan Cave 

My two-cent worth of thoughts

  • The local government SHOULD and MUST do something to prevent the rampant vandalism in the area.
  • If you will visit the place please do not leave any mark, or any sign that you’ve been there. No one really cares.

Must Bring

  • Do not in any way forget to bring flashlight or any means of illumination. This is a must, unless you wanna walk in a narrow, uneven path amidst pitch darkness.
  • Change of clothing. You’ll get wet and dirty. You will do caving, not a walk in the park.

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