Monday, August 5, 2013

Island Hopping in Islas De Gigantes

Island hopping is basically the highlight of Isla de Gigantes trip. There are 4 islands that visitors can visit, each has a unique charm and beauty. See the photos and individual description provided below:

Bantigue Island

The main attraction of this island is its sandbar. The barren stretch of white sand beach offers a magnificent view. Make sure that you visit this place before high tide which usually starts at 11AM because the shapely sandbar is submerged under water after eleven.

Cabugao Island

This is the most photographed island of Islas de Gigantes. It has an inviting sea water on both side which is perfect for swimming. The soft fine white sand is vast enough that you can definitely find a good spot for sunbathing; hammocks are relatively placed on shaded places for a very relaxing nap. Climbing the rock formation at the north end will give way to a very magnificent view of the island and the wide blue ocean. This is my most favorite island among those that we visited.

Tangke Saltwater Lagoon or Hidden Lagoon

When you ask locals of Islas de Gigantes about the must-see place in the island they are quick to say “Tangke”!

Tangke, is an Ilonggo term for tank or reservoir. Apart from other island which is a part of land surrounded by water, in Tangke you will find yourself amidst the saltwater lagoon surrounded by limestone rock formations; very much like the Paguriran Island in Sorsogon! It has an emerald shallow water which is very ideal for swimming.  The beauty of the place is truly overwhelming.

Antonia’s Island

A small island with beautiful rock formations that look like a loaf of bread. Its white sands are shaded with coconut trees. The azure salt waters reflects the blue sky so well. The underwater is wealthy that anyone can enjoy snorkeling just several meters away from the shore.

Polo Pandan aka Gaket-Gaket Island

A small island with two coconut trees and small huts that serve as home for fishermen. A very nice place to while away some time.

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