The Author

I am an adrenaline junkie. A self-employed optimist and a retired pessimist. I used to enjoy eating meetings for breakfast until I realized that I can get a life and preserve the borders of my sanity by writing tons of words.

I love traveling. I crave for adventure. I always want to know what lies beyond my horizon and I share my experiences with people through writing.  Weird it may be, but I enjoy traffic when I am not in a hurry.  I climb. I celebrated my 25th birthday by climbing Mt. Kota Kinabalu alone. I am in love with beaches although I am not a good swimmer. I love the Philippines, its rich culture, its extraordinary gems, and its 1,707 islands;  but I am not an admirer of the Filipinos.

I always wanted what I couldn't have. I don't know why I am that way but I am, I always run the fastest and climb the highest... all the way to the STARS!

The Birth of this Blog

One sunny day of December, I went to work wearing jeans and rubber shoes instead of my smart casual attire. I brought a backpack instead of my shoulder bag and my "kikay kit". That day we are going to La Union to try surfing! 

The beach, the sand, and the idea of surfing excites me. I will be out of town with friends ALONE for the first time because everyone included in the planning of this trip suddenly got something to do. I can go back home and cry, but I can’t because my siblings surely will mock and laugh at me. Just the other night, I was bragging to them about my surfing La Union escape with my friends, thus going back home is not an option. With my backpack, camera, a little bit of pride, and a bowl of courage, I headed North to do surfing - ALONE.

My experience was so great that I think it’s worth sharing... thus sole pendulum was created.

Why Sole Pendulum?

Because I thought it was a great name. Because I thought that everybody will understand that the reason why I choose sole pendulum is because:

sole means solo (I am used to travelling solo). It can also mean the under surfaces of the feet which are  being used in travelling.

pendulum which we always associate to a pendulum clock that swings freely under the influence of gravity.

I thought everyone would know that what I really meant about “sole pendulum” is simply someone that swings to and fro like a pendulum clock. But I was wrong, it doesn’t have an appeal to everyone the way it appeals to me. I want to change it but I cannot, because the Facebook Fanpage of this blog has 1,521 fans (thank you) and it does not give  me any option to “change name” so I am stuck with it. The least thing I did is to change its domain name to “tamanggala.com” which in English means tama = right and gala = wander/travel. Putting these two words together will give you right way to travel. I also thought that my domain name is cool, until my SEO friend said that Google is having hard time to categorize me as travel blog as it cannot understand what tamanggala means. And so I gave up thinking how to make my blog more appealing but I didn't give up writing.

Updated (March 05,2013)

So if you noticed (I know you didn't until now) tamanggala.com domain was changed to soleofmissy.com. I am not a techie type of person you know, so I lost all the related information from the old blog domain along with it are the page rank, alexa, and all other stats I dunno of. In short, I went back to zero. But it's okay. Promise I am keeping this new domain, until ahmm, until i feel like keeping it. Anyway, I do not like this page of my blog. I think its kinda boring as it is. So ahm, maybe I better post this clip I got from DDG Magazine instead as they featured me and my blog better than I can feature myself.

Now that I am done telling you about me and my blog, I am interested to know more about you. Let us share stories about travel to the Philippines and around the Philippines. Let’s stay connected. Follow me on Twitter (@SoleofMissy), Facebook, or send me e-mail/s (solependumum@gmail.com).

Contact me okay? By the way my name is Missy and I would love to hear from you. :)


  1. I am so proud of you Missy and I miss you a lot!!!I wish one day I could travel with you & see all the beautiful places you've been to...damn!!one hell of a cool ass-kickin' chic!luv u.muahhhhh:)

    1. You can always join Sole Adventours' scheduled trips. :)


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