I was wishing to summit a mountain long before I have learned that there are groups in Metro Manila who are into mountaineering. So despite the lack of knowledge and being alone, I joined a flock of mountaineers and off I went with my very first climb - a major one (Mt. Natib)! From there the history started. 

Now, I have an outdoor group of my own - The Society of Lost Explorers or SoLE.

Minor Climbs (in no particular order)
  • Mt. Ampacao
  • Mt. Talamitam - You will pass by the pasture of cows. If you are lucky you'll see wild boars on trails. If you will climb this mountain in broad daylight, you have to endure the heat of the sun in an open space.
  • Gulugod Baboy - The 360 degree scenery of this mountain hill is indeed breathtaking. From the top you will see the blue sea that surrounds it and the neighboring islands. Experience the beauty of Gulugod Baboy yourself.
  • Mt. Bira - Bira - an easy access to Nagsasa Cove in absence of a boat.
  • Mt. Maculot - Famous for its site known as “rockies”. Read the link and experience the sight to behold.
  • Mt. Batulao (Old to New Trail) - We got lost, we'd been dirty but we learned that minor climbs can also take 2 days of trekking.
  • Mt. Luho - If you want to see the grandness of the whole island of Boracay, climb this mountain. This is the highest peak in the island.
  • Mt. Manabu - Aside from the beautiful nature and environment of this mountain, there is someone on this place who will make you love this trekking destination. Meet him and learn more about the magic of Manabu by clicking on the link.
  • Mt. Malipunyo - The trail of this mountain is amazing. You will have to pass by dalandan plantations and brave the paths that are combination of slippery ups and downs, rockies, cliffs, grasslands and steep trails. And oh! Poison ivies are everywhere. Check out Malipunyo and its natural wonders.
  • Mt. Maranat - Compared to other mountains where you must ascend to reach your destination, you’ll have to do a series of steep descend to reach the campsite of Maranat; the assault will happen on your way home.  
  • Mt. Susong Dalaga - a cool, forested, and luxuriant climb in the mountains of Malarayat.
  • Mt. Daguldol - You want a place where you can have both a mountain and a beach? Then here is the place to go! Daguldol offers one of the most beautiful treks in Southern Batangas.
  • Mt. Pico (Traverse) - a drinking spree turned into a night trek. From Gilligans to the beak of Pico de Loro! The tale of madness...
  • Mt. Tagapo - If you are a mountaineer and you haven’t climbed Tagapo yet, then you must find time now. If you are about to try climbing yet, then you can start with this mountain.
  • Mt. Balagbag (Licao-Licao Trail) - Of all the mountains I climbed to date, this is the least I like. Place this at the bottom of your list.
  • Mt. Pinatubo Trek (with 4x4 ride) - Check out the majesty of this world renowned volcano from inside its very wall. Indeed a beautiful place to check out!
  • Mt. Timbak - 3rd highest in Luzon, 9th highest peak in the Philippines.
  • Osmena Peak - The highest point in the province of Cebu that boasts a magnificent sunset view when the sun starts setting down the slopes of Negros.
Major Climbs (in no particular order)
  • Mt. Natib
  • Tarak Ridge - Despite the feeling of being tormented amidst the whirlwind, the thrill and excitement is worth the experience. The fashion in mountaineering passion!
  • Mt. Arayat (Traverse) - Why it took us 18 hours to traverse Mt. Arayat? Do not ask why. We simply had fun!
  • Mt. Cinco Picos - easy but overly exposed trail makes the place extremely hot especially during summer.
  • Mt. Cristobal (Traverse) - Instead of trekking down we decided to slide. We did the four-wheel drive. I won’t wonder if our butts, faces and bodies were imprinted along the trail. We enjoyed it so much that we did not care about the time.
  • Mt. Dayungan - Trail-less, boulders, cogon grass, exasperating.
  • Pantingan Peak - The mountain is limatik infested. Their number is overwhelming! They are like thin sticks meticulously choreographed dancing along the trails from Danny’s Gate up to the mountain peak.
  • Mt. Makiling Traverse - Putting a twist to something already fun like mountaineering is double happiness. Exciting. Euphoric. Cosplay climb in Makiling!
  • Mt. Malarayat Traverse - The Malarayat range is composed of several peaks and the three most prominent are: Manabu Peak, Susong Dalaga, and Malepunyo Peak.
  • Mt. Pinatubo - Crossing the desert of El Dyablo's vast area of volcanic mud and ascending the skyway to the crater give way to magnificent views of the mountain. This travel location offers exciting 4x4 ride and breathtaking view.
  • Mt. Pulag (Akiki-Ambangeg) - Backtracking is not an option; we have come a long way. This is the second day of climb. The Akiki trail is indeed not a joke. Everyone is tired. Walking back amidst that rain and strong wind is suicide. others: Pulag Climb Budget and Expenses
  • Mt. Pulag (Tawangan-Ambangeg) - Tawangan trail is one of the longest trails of Mt. Pulag. Trekkers have to pass by Mt. Ludok and summit of Mt. Pupulag. Yes, technically that will be 3 mountains altogether.
  • Mt. Ugo Traverse (Kayapa - Itogon) - a very long, excruciating, intense trek, and endless walk of around 30 kilometers in an uneven terrain!
  • Mt. Apo Traverse (Kapatagan-Kidapawan) - Mt. Apo is known as the Grandfather of all Philippine Mountains measuring 2,954 meters above sea level. Its name resonates in every summit of the country. I am writing this article with pride as I did not just climb the highest mountain of my country; I managed to traverse it!
  • Mt. Bulusan - the mountain that has the most magical appeal. It is very rich in fauna and flora and it possesses a cleanliness beyond compare!
  • Mt. Tabayoc - The thickest and lushest rainforest I have entered to date. Its mossy trail is like that of the avatar movie, very amazing!
Combi Climbs (climbing several peaks in days)
  • Zambales Triple Traverse (Mt. Cinco Picos traverse Mt. Dayungan traverse Mt. Bira-Bira)
  • Luzon 321 (Mt. Timbak Traverse, Mt. Tabayoc, Mt. Pulag via Tawangan-Ambangeg Trail)
Mountains Beyond Philippine Territory
  • Mt. Kota Kinabalu - climbing an endless ladder! Anyone who is physically fit, even without climbing experience can climb this mountain. There are established steps on the way up to Laban Rata.

I hope one of these days you could join SoLE in our adventures!

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