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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fun Activities During Rainy Days

Most of us find the pleasure of going to beaches and other tourist/outdoor attractions only during summer season. Many think that rainy days can be enjoyed more by napping and eating whilst staying at home. However, for those who can’t seem to keep their arses at peace and still want to go out and explore even during monsoon, there are some activities that you can actually best enjoy with this kind of weather. Check the list provided below:

SURFING – Knowing that the Philippines is a home of many beaches with vast
 coastlines that are best for surfing enthusiasts, it is great to hit the sea during the southwest monsoon or habagat season when waves are gloriously swelling. Monsoon usually starts in May and last until October.
Surfing in La Union
HOT SPRING BATH – Expect a cold weather when it’s raining. During these days, taking a bath could be a challenge. However, if there’s a hot spring to deep into, that would definitely be so fun and relaxing! Aside from the soothing effect of these natural wonders, they are also believed to have therapeutic effect to us, humans.

RIVER RAFTING/KAYAKING – When it’s rainy, the wild and swift flow of the river gives more excitement to adrenaline junkies. For those who enjoy extreme adventures like river rafting and kayaking, rainy days are being anticipated.
Water tubing/rafting with TEAZone
INDOOR WALL CLIMBING – For those whose souls are active enough even during gloomy weather, try indoor wall climbing to satisfy your adrenaline cravings. This activity is specially recommended for those who are after for thrill and want to sweat out and stay fit during the lazy, cold months. They are available in malls and parks but if you fancy more exciting adventure, try exploring farther and outdoor sites. Please share your findings with us!

CULINARYTOUR AND FOOD TRIPPING – Why limit yourself to usual foods that you eat anytime within the comfort of your home or vicinity? Go and travel out of town, this doesn’t have to be a far flung place but at least the nearest town in your place and  allows you to
 discover new flavours and delectable foods. Remember that foods have their own social functions? Go explore, discover, meet new friends, and enjoy!


1.      Who would not appreciate the chill of doing fun activities without having to roast yourself under the glaring sun?
2.      Rainy season actually provides the lowest rates for accommodation and/or flights, making it the cheapest time to travel.

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